About this blog

This blog is my way of communicating with the world about my stay in Zanzibar. I am here to work at Mnazi Mmoja Hospital, as part of an exchange program from Haukeland University Hospital (http://helse-bergen.no/Sider/side.aspx), organized through the Norwegian Peacecorps (Fredskorpset – http://www.fredskorpset.no/no/). I started working here October 10th, together with the pediatric nurse Gunn Elin Veivåg, and we will by joined by several other Norwegians in the months to come.

As an FK participant, I started writing my blog on the web page for the Peace corps participants (http://www.fk-world.com/en/My-Page/), but in order to get a smoother technical solution, I moved it here. Most of the blog will be written in English, as a courtesy to my non-Norwegian readers, but some posts might be in Norwegian aswell. And as I start learning the local language, there is a possibility that I will post something in swahili also!

For those of you who would like to get a general introduction to Zanzibar, I can recommend this documentary from National Geographic: 


2 Responses to About this blog

  1. Johannes says:

    Dear Kristoffer

    Having read your blog the everyday life her i Ålesund seems not so exciting. I will bring it back to my children to let them take a little part in your history, giving them a short introduction to the life in another part of the world.

    I wish you (and your girlfriend, + yours and hers family of course) a merry christmas and a happy new year.

    Best wishes Johannes S

  2. Lori Fried says:

    I’m an American grad student, hoping to be in Zanzibar starting late June (fellowship pending). I’ve been doing a lot of digging into various blogs/cites/potential contacts of other folk in the area and I’ve really enjoyed yours. I very much hope to obtain the fellowship and to be able to come. I’ve worked in Kenya before, on a couple of occasions (which I obviously enjoyed immensely) and thus enjoyed your posts on culture shock! If I manage it, I’d very much like to meet up with you upon my arrival. I’ll probably have a lot of ignoramous-like questions.
    Kind Regards,
    Lori Fried

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