There are many beautiful things to see on Zanzibar, but the most astonishing I think is the sunsets, which comes at the same time (6:30 pm) all year long, since the island is located so close to the equator. And because it rearly is cloudy here, you can enjoy nice sunsets almost every evening. I have been taking pictures, whenever  I have found time to just sit and watch the sun seting (except for the days I have forgotten my camera), and I have made a collage of them, that you are welcome to take a look on:

The end of this is a real time movie, proving how fast the sun is actually moving: From you can see all of the sun, until the whole sun disappear behind the horizon, it only takes about 2 minutes, which of course is because the sun is moving straight down, and not diagonally down towards the north, as is the case in Norway. This also means that in the middle of the day, the sun is not in the south, as I am used to from Norway, but rather in the middle of the sky above us. This is no surprise for anyone who know a little bit of astronomy, but still I find it interesting to observe with my one eye.

The effect of being near equator also makes the moon look a bit different: I am used to seeing the crescent moon opening towards the left or right, but here the positioning is slightly different, which suddenly made me understand why the muslim symbol is a lying cresent (hard to get good pictures of, but my best attempt can be viewed to the right). This symbol is often depictured with a star on top, which I think have to be venus, which you can also see very clearly on the sky in west. According to my experience it is especially easy to see this star just after the sunset, on approximately the same place as the sun was 1-2 hours previously.

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